Firstly, thank you for stopping to spend a bit of time on this site – I hope you find something that’s fun, stimulating or just interesting.

So, a little about me…

As well as being a husband, father and grandfather – you can probably tell from the content of this site that I am a Christian who loves to tell the stories of the Bible in engaging ways to help people connect with these stories and possibly even get to know Jesus through them. However, as well as the Bible stories, I also just love to write and be creative and while most of my time is taken up with training people, in due course I hope that I will be able to spend a bit more time writing. Then, who knows? Maybe I’ll even start to do some more live storytelling …. Interesting times…

I should probably also say that I am somewhat dyslexic – so please excuse any spelling mistakes and grammar fopars – it comes with the territory!

The Bible stories on this site are tale2tell media productions. Other tale2tell sites include a tutorial site for video, motion graphics and visual effects software training and can be found at tale2tell.com and a creative story podcast site at Horatio.one. I hope you have enjoyed your visit.