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‘As I look’ – a song

This felt like the right place to share.

Simon Faulks and I were at Moorlands College together way back when… And during that time we wrote and performed some songs together. Well, during this time of lockdown and restriction, we’ve reconnected to see if we can’t do some level of music from our separate locations and this is the first song.

It’s called ‘As I Look’ and imagines looking up at Jesus on the cross and catching His eye… I hope you enjoy it. More will follow – like it or not!

Oh, and if you want to understand the name ‘spellt ronge’ you’ll need to look at the website Simon has set up for the music as it helps explain it all!’


Daniel & the Lions – a live telling

I use to do a lot of school assembly work as a live Bible story teller for children up to 11 (KS 1 & 2 in the UK). Here is an old recording I made of Daniel and the Lion’s Den on Soundcloud – but still good. Consider it a little extra!

ThePhoto is from Flickr by Jorge Elías…78ajT-J36PD-J39p6


Adding the old stories

The original Bible story series ...

After some thought, I have decided that it makes sense to add the Bible story series I started some years ago to this podcast. While the stories were created a while ago, they are still relevant and I hope you’ll enjoy them and share them. And, if they do well, I will aim to add to this series in due course. So any feedback you have would be welcome.


The Frozly Feezels

A short poem story I wrote and recorded quite some time ago about the battle between warmth and cold. Fun for all the family :o)

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